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On any given weekday, you can find me at 6 a. People have asked me over the years how I pull this off every day, in many cases before the sun even rises. And while waking up and getting to the studio every day is still hard, I can say with confidence that I have my morning routine down to a science. The big challenge for me, of course, is getting enough sleep. My alarm goes off at 4 a. But trust me, no makeup in the world can replace sleep.
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Scarborough: Just For Men? - - kekkon7.com

The cake was in the shape of a small mammal, resting on a bed of artificially green coconut shavings, its body frosted vanilla white and its floppy ears studded with Smarties. Fourteen candles stuck out of its back, with another stabbed into the center of its head like some kind of sugary acupuncture experiment. The result was part Peter Cottontail, part Donnie Darko. The cake was a clue about his present. She got me a rabbit?! He sighed as he told me this story earlier this month, his tiny eyes rolling back into his head at the memory. At six-foot-three, or eight-foot-nine including the hair, Scarborough looks like Jimmy Neutron in his Lizard King phase or Tucker Carlson after someone put him through a taffy-pulling machine.

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough's wife will see fraction of his $99K A WEEK after divorce

It was just past eight P. Inside Prohibition, a dive bar self-consciously dressed up in 20s-themed kitsch, the condensation was dripping from wine glasses; the smell of beer mixed with nervous energy amid a din of high-pitched chatter. A hundred or so people crowded around a stage in the middle of the bar. Many of them cornered the over demo, with distinct sartorial ticks germane to the Upper West Side:
You be the judge: Did "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough's hair look a tad bit darker this morning? Exhibit A: Scarborough from earlier this month.

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