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Peeing during penetration

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You are in the throngs of great sex when all of a sudden there is a new sensation. It takes your brain, very occupied with other things, a few seconds to switch gears and process. And then you realize that you have inadvertently emptied your bladder. This is a real medical problem called coital incontinence. The exact number of women who have this condition is unknown as many are reluctant to talk about it. Women with incontinence at other times are more likely to have coital incontinence, but women who never, ever leak a drop otherwise can still develop problems during sex.
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Peeing During Sex Is Stressful — but These Treatments Help

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why it feels like you have to pee during intercourse - the dirty normal

Feeling "in the mood" when your bladder's full is more common than you might think. For the most part, you're pretty familiar with the random things that light your fire-dirty books, too much wine, the back of your partner's neck. But every now and then, you may find yourself irrationally turned on by something totally unsexy: Seriously, it's a thing. Although there isn't specific research on the subject, feeling aroused when your bladder's full is more common than you might think, says Sherry Ross, M. In fact, vaginal penetration with a penis or sex toy , increased blood flow to the clitoris and surrounding tissue, and a full bladder can be the ultimate trifecta for the perfect orgasm.
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Why You Get Really Turned On When You Have a Full Bladder

In fact there is no single gland in the genital tract capable of producing 15 mls or more of fluid in a short period of time never mind mls. They were screened to make sure they did not have a history of incontinence. The women then emptied their bladders, were stimulated to orgasm either by themselves 2 women with a toy or with a sex partner 5 women, male partners used condoms to prevent fluid contamination and a variety of measurements were obtained:. So what did the researchers find? This is not surprising given there is no gland that can produce a large amount of fluid in the area and the stimulation of sexual activity combined with the pelvic floor muscle contractions of orgasm could cause the bladder to empty involuntarily.
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The vulva is laid out from north to south thusly: Under the surface of the vulva, the urethra is surrounded by the urethral sponge. You know how to have to kind of take some deep, cleansing breaths and think about baseball or icebergs? When the urethral sponge swells, you can actually feel it through the anterior upper wall of the vagina. Insert a finger just a knuckle or two deep and press up.

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